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               is a popular tourist attraction because of its geographical variety, historical and cultural attractions. In Oman you will have an extraordinary experience. You will enjoy the fresh air over its long neat and clean beaches while you can relax in its luxurious resorts such as Shangri-La, Alilah, Anantara as well as  many different luxurious resorts spread all over the country. In Oman only you can experience the variety of nature within one country border.  You can try life in the mountains, desert, valleys, which are known as Wadis in the locals’ language, and long beaches. All of this variety makes Oman unique and quite different from its neighbouring Gulf nations (Wadis & Mountains in particular).



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We have two different types of tours based on your choice.


# Excursions : Day tours which do not exceed 10 hours. Overnight stay will be at the same hotel. The price will depend on the excursion you choose from the different selections we provide for you.


# Round Trips: Longer tours which take more than one day. Overnight stay will be as per your choice and we will recommend you the best hotels in each destination. The price depends on the program you will be choose.

About me:



I am Haitham AlOmairi an experienced Omani tour guide starting my own buisness in tourism. I have 10 years of experience working as a tour guide with on of the biggest tour companies in Oman. I dealt with different programes and different foreign luxury tour operators & many different German, British, Swiss and many other nationalities. With me you will have an unforgatable time in Oman. You will learn about Omani culture, traditions, history, local food ......etc. Just trust me & book your trip with me.